How to Make Your Truck An Orthopedic Gem From Seat Cushion to Bumper

If you’re a serious truck driver then you know what it’s like to sit for long hours on a drive. Whether you’re a truck driver or a casual driver on his way to the lake, these tips are sure to get your back side feeling better. Not to mention, your back and feet will thank you after getting these addons.

  1. Make Your Car and Truck More Comfortable – Bank rate released a great guide on the extras you can build into your vehicle to make things more comfortable.
  2. Life Hacker’s Bring Your Car Into the 21st Century – A bit of a funny title, but don’t mistake what’s here. Vehicles roll off the factory line with a very different seat position, wheel position, and more than what will fit each specific driver.
  3. Improve Your Seat Cushion With Memory Foam and Gel. Here’s a product page we’ve selected which comes highly reviewed and is used for everything from wheelchairs, to trucks, to computer offices.
  4. 5 Ways to Make Your Truck a Home Away From Home – There’s nothing like getting miles away from home without a wet wipe or a garbage bag. Use this list to make sure your vehicle is prepared for anything the road can throw at it.
  5. Quora’s Discussion on the topic
  6. Grab Some New Shoes – You know what I’m talking about when I say your feet feel the road after a long drive. Of course your back can ache, but don’t under-estimate the importance of some comfy shoes on a long drive.




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